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Rushden Permanent Allotment

and Small Holdings Society


Grafton Road Stores Opening Times

At the Committee meeting on the 17th March it was decided that, with careful control, the Society will reopen the Grafton Road Store from the 27th March 2021, 8:30 to 10:30am.  As per covid legislation the weaing of face masks is required.

If any member is unable to visit Grafton Road Stores your Field Steward will also have stock on your field. Items that are not normally stocked on the fields such as netting, or you are unable to meet with your Field Steward please contact us on 0795 840 2074 to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to get the stock you require from Grafton Road Stores.

Annual General Meeting

Due to the current Covid 19 Pandemic it is not possible to hold the AGM at its normal time of the year (February). The Committee has decided that in the interest of the members safety the AGM will be delayed until Government Guidelines will allow the members to meet.

Nominations for Committee positions and items for the agenda will be requested when a date for the AGM can be set.

A set of Society accounts for year ending 31st October 2020 have been sent out, if you have not received them please contact us for a copy to be sent to you.

A set of the last AGM minutes (as well as committee meeting minutes) can be found on the Society’s website.

Plot Rent Due

Your Plot Rent will be due by the 20th March 2021. It is standard practice for the rent for the forthcoming year to be agreed at the AGM. As it is not possible to have an AGM in advance of when the rent is due, the Committee have agreed to leave the rent at £2.50 per pole. Details on how to pay your rent will be issued with your rent invoice.